“THE ENDLESS FRONTIER” Su Jia Art Gallery, Wuxi


“THE ENDLESS FRONTIER” Su Jia Art Gallery, Wuxi

Contemporary Art Exhibition  China· Italy

Host unit: City Federation of literary and Art Circles, Wuxi
The oil painting and Sculpture Institute

Undertaker: City Beitang district culture and Sports Bureau, Wuxi
City Yun Lin Art Trading Center Company Limited, Wuxi
Su Jia Art Gallery, Wuxi
Academy of Fine Arts Art Gallery Chu art organization, Hubei Provincial

Sponsor: Oriental Industrial Engineering Contracting Company Limited, Wuxi
Support unit: Phoenix Painted Wood Group

Time: June 15, 2012 (opening) June 21, 2012 (closing)

Venue: Su Jia Art Gallery, Wuxi (Canal Park)
The academic chair: Li Xianting, Tang Haowu
Curator: Zhang Zhan, Zhu Zhigang

Participating artists:Zhang Zhan (China)
Wang Changming (China)
Zhu Zhigang (China)
Tang Haowu (China)
Wang Jianrong (China)
Fang Jinghua (China)
Chen Jiangang (China)
Not Ming (China)
Zhou Hong (China)
Zhu Jiancheng (China)
Du Li (China)
Xie Hengqiang (China)
Qiu Jun (China)
Wang Jiansen (China)
Tan Shaoting (China)
Bai Yunjie (China)

Liu Yue (China)
Li Ming (China)
Ma Lin (Chinese Italy)
Tommaso Cascella (Italy)
Matteo Basilé (Italy)
Davide Sebastian (Italy)

* Shanghai consulate consul, cultural counselor and exhibiting artists will be invited to the opening ceremony